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Karma Drubgyu Chokhorling is a Karma Kagyu lineage monastery situated in Pokhara, Nepal. There are currently about 100 lamas studying and staying there under the guidance of Nyedon Rinpoche who has to take care of their daily needs and the monastery's maintenance. Besides studying the Dharma, these lamas have to perform daily prayers or pujas and certain practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage on important dates. These Dharma activities are important for the progress of the lamas' dharma practices and also for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Daily Activities
Morning 1. Green Tara Puja
2. Sang (smoke) offering puja
Evening 1. Mahakala Puja
2. Sang (smoke) offering puja
3. Long Life Puja
Monthly Activities

(the following activities are specially concentrated on certain important days of the month as shown below):

Every 5th day of each month Milarepa Tsok Puja
Every 8th day of each month Red Chenreziq Puja
Every 9th day of each month Mahakala Puja
Every 10th day of each month Guru Rinpoche Puja (Guru Rinpoche has said before that if his puja is performed on this day, he will be present and all prayers will be realized)
Every 13th day of each month Sang (smoke) offering puja (whole day)
Every 15th day of each month Recitation of the 8 Precepts followed by Kalachakra puja
Every 18th day of each month 5 Dzambhala Puja
Every 19th day of each month Mahakala Puja
Every 23th day of each month Green Tara Puja (morning) 5 Dakinis Puja (afternoon)
Every 25th day of each month Dorje Phagmo (Vajrayogini) Puja
Every 29th day of each month Mahakala Puja (whole Day)
Every 30th day of each month Recitation of the 8 precepts (morning) Kunrik (purification) Puja (afternoon) Guru Rinpoche puja (certain times only)
Every 11th lunar month Confessions & recitation of the 8 precepts followed by Nyung Nay practice for 16 days and Dharma teachings for 2 days
Every 12th Lunar month (before New Year) 8 days Mahakala Puja followed by Mahakala Fire Puja on Lunar New Year eve (this puja is done to clear obstacles for the coming new year)
Every 1st day of the Lunar New Year Long Life Puja (morning)

The following pujas are the ones which are celebrated every year. Beside them we have more smaller pujas in the monastery.

Benefits of Sponsoring the above Pujas

Whoever contibutes or sponsors the above written pujas or Dharma activities, one shall have a long life, good health, fortune and peace shall prevail in the family during his life. The effects of sponsoring shall purify all obstacles and whatever you do shall be successful and all of ones' wishes shall be accomplished. By the accumulation of these merits, one shall attain enlightenment in future life. The pujas above are open for sponsorship in the following category:

Type Costs Receive
Grand Sponsors: RM 5,000.00 Karmapa Black Pill, Dharma Pill & Chakra
Chief Sponsors: RM 2,000.00 Dharma Pill & Chakra
Family: RM 1,000.00 Chakra
Personal: RM 500.00 Dharma Pill
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